First Glance: “Stowaway”


Last year Netflix visited deep space with the underappreciated “The Midnight Sky”. They’re doing it again in the not-to-distant future with “Stowaway”, a science-fiction thriller co-written and directed by Joe Penna. As a lover of cerebral sci-fi this movie is automatically right up my alley. But an even bigger draw in Penna. This is the follow-up to his terrific feature film debut “Arctic” which starred Mads Mikkelsen. Much like his first movie, survival looks to play a big part in “Stowaway” which only sweetens the pot.

In the film’s first trailer we’re introduced to the small crew of a spaceship that just set out on a two-year mission to Mars. An intriguing cast fills the roles – Toni Collette is the ship’s commanding officer, Anna Kendrick is the team doctor, and Daniel Dae Kim is the mission’s biologist. Only twelve hours into their journey the crew finds a shocked and frantic stowaway (Shamier Anderson). Unable to turn back the crew begins training their new member but soon their survival is threatened by catastrophic life support system failure. With only enough oxygen for three, the crew is forced to make some hard decisions to see who survives. I love the look and sound of this.

“Stowaway” premieres April 22nd on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

10 thoughts on “First Glance: “Stowaway”

  1. I read about this movie and saw the trailer earlier. One thing that sticks out to me is if they have serious problems that close to earth, just turn around! I like the look of it and the premise of it, but that is a big boo-boo in their plot, imo. Also…. I finally saw The Midnight Sky last week and loved it.

    • I didn’t quite get that from the trailer. To me it looked like they found the stowaway shortly after launch. But it seems like they go a pretty long time before the life support issue comes up. It looks like they train the stowaway and teach him to become part of the crew. I’m guessing a good bit of time passes during that. REALLY glad you liked The Midnight Sky. SOOO much better than people give it credit for.

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