Back from Vacation – Happy 4th of July

Well, vacation came and went in a blur but it was such a fun time with my family. Lots of sand, sun, and seafood over the last several days. Below you’ll find just a few pics from a remarkable and relaxing getaway. Now it’s back to work and back to movies. I missed my screening window on “Black Widow” while I was gone so a review for it won’t be until Friday. But I do have “The Tomorrow War”, “The Forever Purge”, ” Fear Street Part 2: 1978″, and a few more things lined up for this week.

So…let’s get back to talking about movies. And to my American friends celebrating today, Happy 4th of July!

(I swear this isn’t a vanity photo, I just loved the reflection in the glasses)
The clouds….
Balcony shot…

16 thoughts on “Back from Vacation – Happy 4th of July

    • It was a great time. We have taken a family vacation every single year. They’re not always expensive or extravagant, but we make time to get away together every year. I love it so much.

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