First Glance: “Spencer”

After teasing us with some stunning images and one terrific poster, Neon has dropped the first teaser trailer for “Spencer”, their much-anticipated Diana Princess of Wales biography. Directed by Pablo Larraín (“Jackie”) from a script by Steven Knight, “Spencer” is set to have its big premiere next week at the Venice Film Festival. The rest of us will have to wait a while longer, but Neon has given us a captivating first look to tide us over.

“Spencer” sees Kristen Stewart playing Diana and up until now all we have seen were the eerily similar appearance she shared with the late Princess. Now we get to see bites from the actual movie and it looks like Larraín is really going for it. The production design and costumes really stand out, but it all comes back to Stewart. Many are predicting a possible Oscar nomination which doesn’t seem out of the question. Hopefully “Spencer” delivers on the enormous promise it has shown so far.

“Spencer” lands in theaters November 5th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

5 thoughts on “First Glance: “Spencer”

  1. Seriously, this looks incredible and man, Kristen Stewart looks like she’s about to own it. And the usage of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” made it more devastating. I’m sure Stewart isn’t going to top what Emma Corrin did in The Crown but it still looks intriguing. I still think about that scene in The Crown where Princess Diana danced to Billy Joel where everyone was having a ball except for Prince Charles who acted like a bitch. If that was me, I’d jump out of the balcony and onto the stage. Grab every dollar I have and just slide it at her and then grab her and tell the audience… “the Prince and Princess of Wales have just left the building as we’re going home and we’re going to fuck!”

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