Random Thoughts: The 2023 Golden Globes

After a year off and a lot of bad press, the Hollywood Foreign Press have returned with the Golden Globes awards. It was a strange night, predictable at times but with its share of surprises. The show was pretty long-winded, but for the most part it was reasonably fun. And (as usual) it left us with plenty to talk about. So without further ado, here are some Random Thoughts on the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.

  • Let me get this out of the way. The lack of love for “All Quiet on the Western Front” this awards season has been astonishing. Sadly it lost the Globe for Best International Film to “Argentina 1985”. It was a category full of great films, but “All Quiet” losing doesn’t bode well for its Oscar chances. And that’s a shame.
  • It was a big night for “The Banshees of Inisherin”, topped off with the film winning for Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical. It was definitely the best movie in the category, and it’ll be interesting to see where it ends up on Oscar night.
  • In the night’s other big category, “The Fabelmans” took home the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama. Does this deeply personal film have the steam to be a Best Picture winner come Oscar night? I kinda doubt it. But don’t count out Steven Spielberg.
  • Speaking of Steven Spielberg, he also took home the award for Best Director and the speech that followed was amazing. It’s hard to root against him when you hear that much heart in his words.
  • Host Jerrod Carmichael was an interesting choice. He was a little dry, occasionally funny, and sometimes strangely awkward. Not great, but I guess he got the job done.
  • It was great to see Colin Farrell win Best Actor Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. What a year he’s had. He was great in “The Batman” and “After Yang”. But he’s never been better than in “The Banshees of Inisherin”.
  • What a win for Austin Butler who took home the Globe for Best Actor Motion Picture – Drama. He was spectacular in “Elvis” and this win sets up a fun showdown with Colin Farrell on Oscar night. I can’t wait.
  • It was kinda annoying that some winners were given such little time to speak yet certain presenters (looking at you Jennifer Coolidge) went on forever!
  • Among the more predictable wins of the night, Ke Huy Quan wins Best Supporting Actor for “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. I was rooting hard for either Brendan Gleeson or Barry Keoghan, but they never had a chance. Quan seems to be the feel-good sentimental choice this year, and I’m guessing it will carry him through to an Oscar.
  • How about the great Angela Bassett winning Best Supporting Actress. I liked but didn’t love “Wakanda Forever”. I absolutely loved Bassett’s performance. I hoped Kerry Condon would win, but I’ll never be sad about an Angela Bassett win.
  • Is Kerry Condon going to be this year’s Caitríona Balfe? I hope not.
  • I’ve always liked Michelle Yeoh and it was great seeing her on stage. She wins Best Actress Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy. I just wish it was for a better movie.
  • It was really great seeing Eddie Murphy on the stage to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award. But wasn’t it a little odd that his montage had more “Norbit” clips than “Beverly Hills Cop”?
  • In vintage Eddie Murphy fashion, he delivered the funniest line of the night. And yes, it was at Will Smith’s expense.
  • It was so much fun seeing “Naatu Naatu” win for Best Original Song. It was unquestionably my choice. But I can’t help but wonder, would it have won without that killer dance number?
  • Best Original Score went to Justin Hurwitz. Thankfully that was the only time we heard from “Babylon” all night.
  • It was so great seeing Guillermo del Toro win for Best Motion Picture – Animated. His “Pinocchio” is movie magic at its finest. A beautifully told story and exquisite animation. The biggest surprise of 2022 and one of the year’s best films. Good job Hollywood Foreign Press.
  • Cate Blanchett won Best Actress – Drama for “Tár”, and I can’t imagine anyone was surprised. It was a sure thing. Now she faces off against Michelle Yeoh for the Oscar.
  • To be honest, it was pretty hard to take the Best Actress – Drama category serious. I mean Danielle Deadwyler doesn’t even get nominated? Seriously???
  • There were a surprising number of winners who didn’t show up to receive the awards. Not quite as many as those who came up on stage drunk, but close.

And those are a few Random Thoughts on this year’s show. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The 2023 Golden Globes

  1. Kind of disappointing so many didn’t show up to receive them. A boycott of some sort? Isn’t Golden Globes the one Ricky Gervais normally hosts? Maybe the wishy washy host kept people away? Glad to hear Pinocchio won. Not real up to date on all of the movies in contention so can’t say much more.

  2. I’m surprised but pleased that Angela Bassett won best supporting actress for Wakanda Forever. She was the highlight of that film. The first Black Panther was better than Wakanda Forever and two of my friends were offended when I said that. So I guess they loved it.

  3. I’m not surprised about Cate Blanchett. Although I have to say I didn’t much care for the movie Tar, her performance was hard to argue with. I’m currently re-reading “All Quiet on the Western Front” so I can watch the movie – I’m sad to hear it’s not getting much recognition after all the buzz I heard about it!

  4. While I’m happy for some of the films and people who won except for Ryan Murphy who is a piece of shit. I didn’t watch the awards as I didn’t even know it was on that night as I was too busy working on my review of Jean-Luc Godard’s For Ever Mozart (excellent film) and watching my subscriptions on YouTube including AEW Dark.

    • I don’t know what has happened. I know Netflix has done a crap job promoting and campaigning for it. Still, it’s such a powerful film that for some reason people either haven’t seen or didn’t connect with.

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