Netflix Drops the Full Trailer for “Extraction 2”

I really liked the first “Extraction” – a movie that saw Chris Hemsworth slip away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make a full-on old school action flick. Now we’re getting a sequel simply titled “Extraction 2”. A returning Sam Hargrave directs with Joe and Anthony Russo producing. Netflix gave us a good tease a few weeks ago. Now they have dropped the full trailer and it looks like fans of the first film are going to get even more big, brawny, blockbuster action. I can’t wait.

Hemsworth is once again playing Australian black ops mercenary Tyler Rake. This time he’s tasked with rescuing a mysterious woman and her child who are being hunted by an equally mysterious (and heavily armed) force. The trailer does a good job of keeping the details hidden while still promising us some (a lot actually) exhilarating set pieces. As mentioned, I love what Netflix did with the first film and it looks like they are giving us much of the same with this big budget summer sequel.

“Extraction 2” premieres on Netflix June 16th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

4 thoughts on “Netflix Drops the Full Trailer for “Extraction 2”

  1. I saw this earlier today on my TV. It looks fucking cool and those tracking shots. Fuck yes! Let’s hope Chris Hemsworth gets a nice balance of doing films like this, a comedy, and other genre stuff. Plus, I hope he does another film with Taika that isn’t Thor just so they both can do something that is for them.

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