Instead of doing a Phenomenal 5 today, I thought it much more appropriate just to say thank you to all the men and women who have served our country to defend the precious freedoms we experience today. So many have sacrificed so much. Families are still feeling the loss of loved ones who were willing to give all. As I’ve watched several war pictures over the last couple of days it’s reminded me of the cost to maintain liberty and freedom. Movies can be a powerful source of information and reflection and Memorial Day is a prime example of that.

My grandfather was Lieutenant Colonel in the Army during World War 2. He took part in the North African campaign before moving into Italy as the Allies fought through Europe. As a teenager (and into my early 20’s), I appreciated his service and had a few conversations with him about it. But I don’t think I appreciated it as much as I do now. He’s not here today. He passed away in 1995. He sent so many interesting things back home to my grandmother from his time at war and we still have some of the most amazing photos of his time there. But I would give anything to have the opportunity to sit down with him now and just listen. He gave me so many reasons to be proud to be called his grandson. His service to his country is one of them.

So many people have similar stories. So many have relatives or friends who served their country with honor. This is a special day where we can remember and say thank you. Whether it be a day at the lake, a cookout with the family, or enjoying patriotic war movies – enjoy the day. But remember exactly why you’re able to do so. Think about those who have served and take time to say a prayer of thanks to God for giving us those men and women who sacrificed so much.