Classic Movie Spotlight: “Charade”

Classic Movie SpotlightAny movie starring the suave Cary Grant and the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn automatically catches my attention. Yet for some inexplicable reason I had not taken time to watch “Charade”. Well now I have and I can say without hesitation that it’s a real treat. Stanley Donen produced and directed this 1963 film that plays in almost every genre. It can be considered a Hitchcockian thriller, a slick romance, or a side-splitting comedy. But more importantly all of these elements fit together nicely in what turns out to be a well conceived and sharply directed picture driven by some wonderful performances. And would you expect anything else when you have this kind of talent involved?

The movie begins with a murder. We see a quick scene of a man being thrown from a train that’s speeding through the French countryside. This turns out to be Charles Lampert and his death is what triggers the mystery component of the film. Hepburn plays his wife Regina who is winding down her skiing trip in the French Alps. It’s here that she first meets an alluring stranger who goes by the name of Peter Joshua (Grant). After returning to Paris and finding everything in her apartment gone, Regina is notified by the police that her husband had been murdered while trying to leave the city. At his funeral three mysterious and shady looking men “pay their respects”. In actuality, the three were past partners with Charles in an elaborate scheme to steal $250,000 worth of gold. They are determined to get the money and think that Regina knows where it is.

It’s this mystery that serves as the main course of the film. Who is it that murdered Charles? Who is it that would do anything to get their hands on the $250,000? Who can Regina trust? Can anyone trust Regina? These are all viable questions and the movie never tips its hand too early. Instead you find yourself suspicious of every character at some point in the film. Peter pops back up but it may not be by accident. Grant nicely creates an aura of suspicion mixed in with his character’s self-assured charm. I loved it every time he showed up. The three men from the funeral, wonderfully played by James Coburn, George Kennedy, and Ned Glass, throw aside the ‘honor among thieves code’ and are as untrustworthy as they come. Regina has to navigate through this cast of questionable characters but does so with the help of the CIA administrator named Hamilton Bartholomew played by Walter Matthau.

Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn

There are several other things that help make “Charade” a really good film. I’ve mentioned how well the mystery element of the story works. But the movie also has its share of hilarious scenes particularly those featuring Grant and Hepburn’s playful banter. I also felt there was a believable romantic chemistry between the two that I bought into despite the noticeable age differences. And then there’s the great look of the film thanks to the fantastic cinematography of the brilliant Charles Lane as well as carefully chosen locations scattered throughout beautiful Paris. And I just have to talk about the cast again. Hepburn is lovely and you just can’t take your eyes off of her. Grant’s performance is a reminder that he was not only a very polished actor but he could also be very funny. This was one of his final roles, and even though he’s older and grayer, he still masterfully handles each and every scene. And while I’ve never been the biggest Matthau fan, he’s perfect here as is Coburn.

I have no idea why I waited so long to catch up with “Charade”. It’s a highly satisfying mishmash of several movie genres that I love and it’s anchored by two performances from two of Hollywood’s all-time greats. Fantastic direction, beautiful cinematography, and a perfect supporting cast give this movie a familiar yet distinct style that I truly loved and responded to. Now there are a few plot holes that you could nitpick about and there may be a couple of things that are a little too silly to buy into. But I found it to be an entertaining time and it’s a film that shouldn’t fly under any movie fan’s radar. If you haven’t seen it, don’t take as long as I did. It’s definitely worth your time.


30 thoughts on “Classic Movie Spotlight: “Charade”

  1. I’ve been putting this movie (along with 10000 of other classics) on my must watch list forever. Your review, however, has me very very intrigued. I love me some Hepburn. And Grant’s pretty cool lol.

    • See it now!!! No more excuses!!! Ahem, sorry…

      You need to give it a look. I had passed this one over for a long time. Glad I finally watched it. It’s a treat.

  2. When I first saw this, I was surprised at how well the balancing act between the tones of the story worked. How could we have a romance from a murder victims wife? What could be funny about a CIA plot that entails thugs? What is this madcap dialogue doing in this thriller? It is the best Hitchcock film he never made. It’s been ten years since I last visited with it, yet it is still vivid in my mind. The two leads seem too distant in age to work, but that barrier disappears in twenty seconds. A great subject and a nice write up, this does exactly what it ought to, make me want to put the film on now. I don’t know how it happened but this movie ended up in public domain. It was one of the first “bargain” DVDs I bought, five bucks back in 1999. I’m surprised you are not a Matthau fan, I always felt he added to every film he was in, and when he was the star, it was usually a solid movie and often an excellent one. I see a post in my future, Matthau roles that everyone should see. Meanwhile, I’m off to the shelf to locate my copy of Charade, I will probably need an upgrade. You are a good salesman Keith.

    • Excellent! So glad you enjoyed the write-up and more importantly the movie! I simply can’t believe I waited so long to watch this gem. It has so many things in it that I love about the movies. Great performances, great technique, rock solid writing, Paris, I could go on. It’s just a very well done and entertaining picture. Hope you enjoy your rewatch!

  3. Good review! I saw my first Audrey Hepburn film in the late 1990s, fell in love with her screen presence, and proceeded to see every film that I could find that she was in.

  4. Can’t believe I still haven’t seen this Keith! Well, it’s on Netflix so I definitely need to check this out pronto. I did read about Grant being reluctant to do this one because of the age difference.

      • Ahahaha, well I think he’s used to canoodling w/ gorgeous people but you’re right, it’s Audrey Hepburn!! I think she was actually the one keen on co-starring w/ him, if I’m not mistaken.

        Btw, sent you a DM earlier. Enjoy your vacation next week, my friend!

      • Yep I shot you one back. I’ll have a NEW Phenomenal 5 up Monday followed and four past reviews that nobody (and I do mean nobody) read.

        Thanks for the well wishes. I LOVE spending time away with my family. Gonna be a fun and relaxing trip.

      • Just replied. Thanks Keith and again have fun on your trip! I can’t wait for my short trip to CA in July. Hopefully meeting a blog friend there too!

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