K & M Commentary: The Many Reactions to Superman/Batman

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One of the biggest bits of news filtering out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was that Warner Brothers and DC Comics would be featuring Batman in the Man of Steel sequel slated for 2015. Now you can imagine the plethora of comments and opinions that immediately followed the announcement. They ranged from childlike jubilation to doomsday prophecies! But considering what little information we have so far isn’t it all just speculation at this point? But ya know, we bloggers love to speculate. That’s half the fun.

There are several ways to look at the announcement and several legitimate points of view. Lets look at some of the prominent opinions coming from the news:

1. Some see this as nothing more than a desperate cash grab and an attempt to catch up to Marvel’s bustling movie universe. Now there’s no denying that there is an element of truth to that. Clearly Marvel has taken a huge lead in the comic book to big screen category. With the exception of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and to a smaller degree the recent “Man of Steel” film, the DC Comics universe has failed to really flourish on the big screen. But that doesn’t automatically mean that this is desperation or a cash in. It’s not as if a Superman/Batman collaboration is completely unheard of. The two have shared a largely successful comic book with each other for years now. Therefore it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them together on the big screen. As for desperation, while I had never heard a confirmation, I had heard that the idea of bringing these two iconic superheroes together in a movie had been played around with before. With Nolan’s trilogy in the books, this would be as good a time as any to bring along the next vision of Batman.

2. Some have already written this idea off as a disaster. They believe this will ruin and undermine everything that Christopher Nolan accomplished in his Dark Knight trilogy. Many think that shoehorning Batman into the new Superman franchise does a disservice to the character and runs the risk of alienating fans of the one great property that their movie universe possesses. Again, these are some legitimate concerns but very premature ones. With such little information out there about how and how much Batman will be used, it’s really impossible to say anything with certainty. Again, there is a wealth if history between these two characters so it’s reasonable to believe that Batman’s inclusion could be done really well.

3. And then there are those that are bubbling with excitement. I must admit, when I first heard the news I fell into this category. As a long time comic book reader, the thought of these two phenomenal heroes meeting on film as thrilling. The possibilities are endless. This could be the launching point into the new Batman series. This could be the launching point of the Justice League film that has been talked about for years. In my eyes the potential for something great is off the scales. But optimistic fans have reason to be cautious. Again, we don’t know very much. Will Batman be utilized in a way that makes for a good movie AND keeps the character on the same firm footing where Nolan left him? Will his role be weighty enough to feel justified and warranted? These are real concerns but none are bigger than this: Who will play Batman? For me this is a crucial ingredient to making this whole thing work. There’s a lot of complexity and layers to the Bruce Wayne/Batman character and poor casting could derail every bit of potential. This is enough cause to be a little cautious.

So is there reason to be concerned? Absolutely. Is there reason to write it off? Absolutely not. In fact I think the sheer potential of the idea is enough to get fanboys and movie fans excited and curious. But whatever your position one thing is for sure, Warner Brothers has everyone talking about this and that’s a good thing. Now here’s hoping they deliver the goods. After all, in the end that’s all that matters.


21 thoughts on “K & M Commentary: The Many Reactions to Superman/Batman

  1. Good analysis. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I think DC is going through this too quickly since The Dark Knight Rises came out only a year ago. I think the DC movie universe should be developed more and then reintroduce Batman.

    • Perhaps you’re right. It’s a good point. When its released it will have been three years since Nolan’s Batman. That’s not too bad but I can see where a couple more years would be beneficial.

  2. Your logical good sense doesn’t apply in this scenario Keith. This is no time for well practical and rational reactions! Damn it man, this is Superman & Batman!!

    This will be a massive disaster! I can’t wait! 😀

    • Wasn’t dumb in the comics. In fact it has been a long and very compelling relationship. A sandbox of great history to work with. No reason that it couldn’t be great. Now if it will be is the bigger question.

      As for it being dumb. Keep in mind you’re talking about a setting where Clark combs a side part and puts on a pair of glasses and no one recognizes he is Superman. That’s a far bigger stretch than whether or not Batman and Superman can have a great storyline.

  3. People can shout and scream all they want, we’ll all still end up seeing it. It could be an absolute disaster but a lot of people said that about The Avengers and that did pretty well and was largely well received. I’d like a crossover in super villains too though. I want to see Lex Luthor team up with Joker and Two Face.

    • Now that would be good stuff! A League if villains, something that’s also been done in the comics. Tons of possibilities there.

      Great comparison to The Avengers. There were so many risks and potential problems that surrounded that production yet it was a lot of fun.

    • Me too. I guess my years of reading them together in the comics has me a little more optimistic. Time will tell. Hopefully it will work because we all benefit if it does!

  4. I was mixed between (a) OhMyGodThisIsAwesome! and (b) Shit, they’re going to mess it up!

    But regardless, people paid (PAID!) to see Batman & Robin. Doesn’t matter how bad it turns out, it’s going to make those rich people even richer.

    • Oh this couldn’t possibly be as bad as Batman & Robin. I’m praying the studios learn from that debacle. Plus Goter is writing it so that’s a huge step up.

  5. I’ll be in line for it, but I won’t have high hopes. I am hoping the whole Superman vs. Batman concept is a ruse, and keep it with them teaming-up against a common enemy. Something like “Batman/Superman: Public Enemies” may work.

    • Oh there’s no doubt they will team up. I think the versus angle will be small and at the beginning. Clearly they have different plans than that. But that’s the way it was in the comics. Their disagreements weren’t always physical. Almost always it was in their outlook and approach to solving things.

  6. I like the fact that they are at least doing something different than Marvel in bringing 2 of their heroes together in a joint film. So much that DC does seems to just follow and imitated Marvel. Just today I learned that WB is working on a tv series that takes place in the “Nolanverse” during the 8 years between the last 2 Dark Knight films. (Agents of Shield, anyone?)

    We’ll see how this one goes but I am still interested in seeing it!

    • Same here. You make a good point. Some are just saying this is a desperate attempt to keep up with Marvel but this is actually something different than Marvel. I got to admit I’m pretty excited. I just hope they deliver.

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