Know Your Movies – Three Hints, One Image


It can’t only be reviews, Phenomenal 5 lists, and commentaries, right? Know Your Movies is all about having fun. Here’s how it works: I’ll share a single shot from a movie. It can be extremely serious or completely absurd. After that I’ll provide you with three hints. The rest is up to you. Hop in the comments section and share your guess as well as any thoughts or memories you have on the movie, actor/actress, or the scene itself. It should be a blast.

Today’s image is from a film that has become a true classic. So here’s the shot. Three hints will follow.


Hint 1: Released in 1954

Hint 2: The entire film was shot on one huge set

Hint 3: Received four Academy Award nominations

Now head to the comments and share your guess. Pretty obvious, right? I would also love to hear your thoughts on the film, the scene, or anything else related to it. The correct answer will be announced first on my Twitter feed tomorrow (@KeithandMovies for those who want to follow). Now feel free to guess and discuss this movie classic.

42 thoughts on “Know Your Movies – Three Hints, One Image

  1. Rear Window, Hitchcock! I thought it odd that he lived in a mediocre apartment building but had an uptown girl. The contrast of this stereotype followed by her tomboy-ish climb up and around the window to discover the villain across the way an interesting twist. It’s a great classic!

      • I have to drive 1.5 hours to my nearest theater so I feel your pain. Rural living is great but not when your little town doesn’t have a movie theater. 🙂

      • Good grief! How do you manage to stay on top of all the films? Nearest movie theater for me is 20 mins., but it only shows 6 films, nothing special, just the mainstream. I find I end up waiting for Netflix or Direct Tv and order a film than wasting the $ for something mediocre. Gosh, I sound old 😉

      • My job allows me off random off days during the weeks. I always take one of those days to go see a movie (or two). I’ll catch a 10AM show and be home by the time my wide and kiddos are. I hardly ever go out when they are home. I always want to be with them. But on those days when I am off and they are at school – It’s movie time!!!

  2. Rear Window is great! However, I’ve always liked reading about it more than watching it. It’s an entertaining enough film, but the depths of analysis that people get into is crazy! The metaphor for cinema just blows my mind!

    • LOL. Some people really go all out finding (and sometimes creating) meaning in the film. I’m amazed at the artistry behind it and how Hitchcock made something so incredible in such a confined location. Absolutely brilliant picture. As I mentioned elsewhere, its my favorite Hitchcock picture and I’ll be seeing it on the big screen tomorrow!!!

    • Thanks man. This is about the fourth or fifth one of these I have done. Just go to search and type in “Know Your Movies”. The very first one was particularly funny to me! A classic image. LOL

  3. You’re getting to see Rear Window, the way it was intended, on the big screen!
    I’ll echo your previous commentators…. I am envious.
    Have a great night.

  4. I haven’t seen this one yet [sheepish smile], but considering your tweet last night that you’re seeing this today, it’s a pretty easy guess 😉

    • LOL! Yep, it’s my favorite Hitchcock movie. It’s also in my personal Valhalla. It’s truly an incredible bit of filmmaking. The movie itself is fantastic but reading what all went into making the film is just as compelling. I love it.

      • Yeah, after I saw Casablanca I read a lot about the making of it and it’s so fascinating! I REALLY need to see this one, hopefully it’s available on Amazon on Demand as for sure it’s not on Netflix.

      • No it’s definitely not on Netflix. Netflix streaming always seems to let me down. There is a good chance it could be on Amazon though.

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