2015 Blind Spot Lineup


For a couple of years now I have seen so many of my fellow movie bloggers take part in the Blind Spot series. How does it work? It’s pretty simple. At the beginning of the year I pick twelve films that I have wanted or needed to see. They are usually popular or critically acclaimed movies that I have somehow missed – shameful omissions that need to be dealt with. The Blind Spot series serves as both confessional and encouragement. It’s such a cool idea. I’ve enjoyed many Blind Spot features from some great bloggers. My pal Ruth at Flixchatter inspired me to give it a try so here I go….

2015 Blind Spot List

JANUARY – “Au Hasard Balthazar” (FULL REVIEW)

Anne Wiazemsky as Marie in Robert Bresson’s AU HASARD BALTHAZA


La Dolce Vita

MARCH – “Goldfinger” (FULL REVIEW)


APRIL – “L’Avventura” (Full Review)


MAY – “The Champ” (Full Review)


JUNE – “My Life to Live” (Full Review)


JULY – “The Bicycle Thief” (Full Review)


AUGUST – “Paris, Texas” (Full Review)


SEPTEMBER – “The Pride of the Yankees” (Full Review)


OCTOBER – “Village of the Damned” (Full Review)


NOVEMBER – “Network”


DECEMBER – “Sweet Smell of Success”


So there is my 2015 Blind Spot lineup. What do you think? Have some thoughts about the movies I have ahead of me? I would love to hear them in the comments section below.

41 thoughts on “2015 Blind Spot Lineup

  1. i ain’t heard but about two or three of em. You going to be bored to tears watching them Frenchy films they ain’t nothing but cheese sniffers and winos in them. You need to add some good stuff like them Adam Sandler funny pictures like Jack and Jill and That’s my Boy and that one with them grown ups pee Peein in the pool.

    • Awesome. There are four movies on the list that I have seen parts of but have never sat down and watched the entire film. Chinatown is one of those. Really liked what little I have seen of it.

  2. Paris, Texas is a film I am deeply in love with – from its first birds-eye view of the desert to its final trip down a neon-lit road. It’s romantic, atmospheric, character-driven film-making of the highest calibre; its pleasures are immense and infinite.
    The Killing and Sweet Smell of Success are fantastic too!

  3. Chinatown is amazing, I’ve watched it a few times now and I think it’s one of my all time favorites. Everything in it is perfect, can’t wait to hear your opinion of it!

    • I have seen bits of it but I’ve never sat down and watch the whole thing. That’s crazy. I don’t know what has held me back. I’m finally fixing that.

  4. I share five of your blind spots, maybe I will try to keep up with you on some of these if I can finish my project. Meanwhile, GOLDFINGER!, awesome, you get to see it for the first time, sooo lucky. Chinatown and Network, the 70,s rule. Good luck my friend, this will be a great movie year.

    • Thanks man! It should be a lot of fun. Goldfinger is one of those movies that I have seen parts of many times but I’ve never sat down and watch the entire thing. I’m not the biggest 007 fan but I’ve heard so much about Goldfinger. Same thing with Network. I plan on filling this holes in 2015!

  5. I’ll comment on the four that I’ve seen and reviewed recently — and I’ll be interested in your thoughts on all of them!

    Goldfinger: Great fine, with Connery in his prime. I was however surprised to find that the reputation of this film is just a bit grander than the content. I found the second half a touch disappointing, with Bond seemingly reduced to a spectator for long stretches. Oddjob is one of moviedome’s unforgettable henchmen.

    Giant: A sprawling epic, almost out of control at times. Beware a mumbling James Dean and some dodgy hair make-up in the later scenes!

    Network: Fantastic talk-fest, and as potent today as it was in the mid-1970s.

    Chinatown: An all-time classic. Enjoy it, this one never ages.

  6. What a fantastic idea! And you’ve really picked some great films – I’ve seen all except The Killing and you’re definitely in for a treat! Most of them are my all-time favourite films… I’m a bit jealous actually, I would give everything to experience seeing The Seventh Seal for the first time again! Enjoy! 🙂

    • Ok, now you have me thoroughly excited! I’ve seen a lot of classic movies. I love them. But as I started looking for films to include I was amazed that these had slipped by me! I have watched January’s already and lets just say it has gotten off to a greay start! 😉

  7. This is also my first of doing the blindspot thing, and I have The Seventh Seal on my list too! Out of the rest of your list I’ve seen Giant, The Killing, and Goldfinger. I wasn’t too fond of Giant, I thought it was pretty ridiculous. It’s still worth crossing off the list though. The Killing is great! Goldfinger is definitely an iconic film, but the older Bonds are always harder for me to watch.
    I think I saw some clips of The Sweet Smell of Success in Martin Scorsese personal journey through American movies and it looks pretty awesome! I’ll have to watch that one of these days as well.

    • I’m really anxious for The Seventh Seal. It’s funny you mention Giant. It isnt a movie I’ve always wanted to see. It’s one I have felt I needed to see. As for Goldfinger, I am anxious to give it a look. To be honest I’m not a huge James Bond fan so I don’t know what to expect. But I have seen bits of it and I liked what I saw. I do love the new Bond movies but the older ones are considerably different. We shall see.

  8. Ha! I’m watching ‘Network’ and about to write about it (Holden tribute). I’d be interested in comparing notes. I think ‘Chinatown’ is probably the best film on your list. You love the French films and ‘La Dolce Vita’ is such a classic….looking forward to your reviews.

    • Thanks Cindy! As I mentioned to others, there are a few movies on the list that I’ve seen parts of but never the whole thing. Network is one of those. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. Kind of sad that I put it so far down in my order.

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  10. Whoa, surprised you haven’t seen Goldfinger. I’m not a huge Bond fan, but I really liked that one.

    Cool list overall. I’ve seen eight of them, with The Bicycle Thief and Sweet Smell of Success being my favorites. Nice picks!

  11. Very nice Keith, you even put which month you’ll be watching each of these 🙂 I’ve only seen Goldfinger on your list. I also have Connery movie on my Blindspot though. I’ve been wanting to check out “The Seventh Seal”, maybe next year then.

    • Thanks Ruth! I enjoyed yours so much that I had to give it a shot. As for choosing the months, i’m so loopy I better assign myself months or I could screw it up! 🙂

  12. The only ones I have seen of this are Goldfinger, The Bicycle Thief and Giant. I am not a Bond fan so unsurprisingly I didn’t care for Goldfinger but the other two are great!

    • I have no clue why I haven’t seen La Doice Vita by now. Its insane. It looks right up my alley. I moved it close to the top so I wouldn’t have to wait long!

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