First Glance: “Jojo Rabbit”


Several weeks ago Taika Waititi dropped a teaser for his new black comedy/World War II satire “Jojo Rabbit”. It planted several crazy images in my mind and left me anxious to see more. Waititi showed a gutsy willingness to inject his wacky brand of humor into one monstrosity we all (hopefully) can agree is detestable – Naziism.

Finally we get the first full trailer for “Jojo Rabbit” and it does a good job of giving us a clearer sense of what Waititi is going for. The story looks to follow a young German boy (Roman Griffin Davis) growing up under Nazi rule during the Second World War and indoctrinated by blind hate that he doesn’t fully understand. His worldview is shattered when he discovers his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in the walls of their home. She’s played by Thomasin McKenzie who was so great in “Leave No Trace”.

It appears that the story is told from the boys perspective which explains some of the zany imagery and his seemingly buffoonish imaginary friend Adolph Hitler (played by Waititi). This film is certain to stir up some negative feedback but it looks like Waititi has a very strong message at the film’s core – something we may all need to hear.

“Jojo Rabbit” opens up October 18th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

27 thoughts on “First Glance: “Jojo Rabbit”

  1. This movie looks so off beat and goofy that it will probably hit home its message about the evil of nazism /white supremacy like a atomic bomb. I have always thought through satire , comedy , fantasy , horror or Sci-fi one can look at ugly subjects and convey a very compelling message and it gets across profoundly and deeper than a realistic portrayal at times . The reason in my view these movies don’t come across as uber preachy because of the way its presented and it pulls one in and in the end , you have much to chew on .
    The cast looks great and in today’s climate , this movie is much needed . Looking forward to seeing it .

  2. Having discovered more of Taika’s work last year, I’m definitely excited to see this as I think it’s more in line with Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Boy than Thor: Ragnarok though a lot of his films share that exploration of comedy/tragedy and it looks like this one is no exception. The usage of “Helden” (“Heroes” in German) by Bowie made me tear up until that shot of the 2 boys accidentally dropping a rocket launcher arrived and made me laugh. I so want to see this and I also want to see what Scarlett is going to do as I hope she gets some serious overdue recognition.

    • I laughed several times. Playing “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees in German was kinda hilarious. I like this Waititi better than the Thor stuff. What We Do in the Shadows was fantastic as was Wilderpeople.

      • I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work so far. Hearing “I’m a Believer” in German is hilarious as I wondered who did the translation and what did Neil Diamond think since he did write the song.

  3. I can’t wait for this. Early word from TIFF is that it’s actually quite devastating. I’m looking forward to seeing how Waititi potentially juggles pathos with humor in this one. Could be a total bomb, could be the greatest thing this year!

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